09/08/2002 Newsletter

One of the outbuildins behind our house One of the outbuildins behind our house


The house is officially ours now. The two images that are shown above are some of the outbuildings that are behind our house. As you can see they are pretty ramshackle and have lots of stuff in and around them. Our big project right now is to get rid of these buildings and to get the yard cleaned up. At this point we have completely torn down the green outbuilding and have about half of the second building down.

We have also started the preparations in the kitchen for remodeling it. On the walls and ceilings Opa had built up a layer of insulation and sheetrock and wood paneling. We spent eight hours yesterday (Saturday) tearing down the built up layer from the walls and ceiling, hopefully we can finish the rest in the following week.

We have been taking pictures of our progress, so as they are developed the pictures will appear on this web site. I recently added a new section to Photos that show some pictures of our backyard and other parts of the house before we started any of our cleanup efforts.

Besides working on the house James isn't really doing anything new. Both school (collage) and the highschool (work) are keeping him really busy. He found out about a local yo-yo club that meets once a month, unfortunately he missed it this month due to kitchen renovations...

Miekka isn't doing anything else either besides working on the house.

This site will be under continuous construction for a while. If you come across any links that don't work send an email to webmaster@thelances.net . Enjoy!

James and Miekka Lance



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