09/15/2002 Newsletter

Our house Bathroom Renovations


This week has been quite productive. James and I tore out all the built-up walls and drywall in our kitchen. Opa had built in his own insulation during the engery crisis in the 1970's, that meant that we had about 3 inches worth of drywall, insulation and boards to remove to get the kitchen back to it's original walls. Then we decided to go a step further and remove the original walls on two sides of the kitchen so that we could run the wiring and plumbing for the new kitchen that we have planned. It was quite the job, especially since Opa felt the need to nail each layer separately with a nail every two inches or so. But we got it all down in a relatively short amount of time. All the debris is now sitting in our backyard.

The backyard is the official dumping ground until our dumpster arrives this Saturday. We have three enormous piles of stuff from the torn out buildings. My whole family will be coming over on the 28th to help us throw all the junk into the dumpster. It will be so nice to have our backyard cleaned up before winter comes.

We also bought the paint to paint our entire upstairs, it was on sale this week for five dollars off per gallon. It will be a while before we can actually do the painting, but we figured that we better buy it while it is still on sale. I had quite the chore of picking out colors, luckily I had some help from Jenni and a few test quarts of paint to help me make up my mind.

On Thursday we went to Rachael Lyon's (Crook) wedding dinner. It was a wonderful dinner, we sat at a table with Aunt Mary and Uncle Mel, Mark and Todd Hicken. The dinner was held at the Lion House and there were tons of people there. Uncle Fred led the festivities with his usual flair and we were treated to a cute slide show of picture of Rachael and Joe growing up. It was the first wedding reception that James and I had been to since we got married; having experienced our own wedding it gave us a new perspective on the whole process. I think it's much more relaxing to be a well-wisher instead of the newly-weds.

That about wraps up our week. We love you all!

Love, Miekka and James



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