09/30/2002 Newsletter

Back Porch before clean up Back Porch after clean up

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Garage before clean up Garage after clean up
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Hello everyone,
This week our big push has been to fill up the dumpster that we rented. On Saturday we had everyone from Miekkas family, plus Jenny, come and help us out. We started at about ten in the morning and worked til about five. We completely filled the dumpster, and we are definately going to need another one. After that was full we started in on our Deseret Industries (DI) pile. I think we made seven trips to the DI. We got rid of five major appliances and a ton of other stuff. We are all very tired and sore now...

On Tuesday I will be starting my new job with Netmark Pro Int'l. I am going to be a Perl programmer. Netmark Pro offers tools to people and companies to help manage sales opportunities. Everything they do is web based. Some of the tools and services that they provide are: a web site front end that collects sales leads and provides a place for people to find out about the salesperson. Then there is an Admin panel that the salesperson (our customer) uses to track his sales leads. We have email managers, contact managers, email autoresponders, tools to manage up and down lines (a lot of our customers are big MLM or Network Marketers). Right now the big project is to completely rewrite all of these tools. I am going to be involved with that, I am also responsible to respond to bug reports that we get concerning the existsin software. I am definately going to be streched with this job. I am really looking forward to the opportunity to learn and grow. For those who are concerned, for where we are standing now the company appears to be pretty stable. We feel good about making this move and hopefully it will be a good experience.

Finally this week we have a new heater and air conditioner being installed. We are looking forward to having lower gas and electric bills... We also should have a new roof, windows, water heater and doors within the next few weeks.

Miekka and James



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