02/11/2003 Newsletter

New Snow Fall
New Snow Fall

February 11, 2003

We got our first substantial snowfall this year! It started snowing last Saturday night and snowed periodically until Tuesday evening. The snow didn't pile up as much as it could have because the ground wasn't very cold. We are going to need alot more snow then this though before the year is up, other wise we are in for a hard summer.

Since I work at home now, I was going a little stir crazy for something to do. On Thursday night Miekka and I decided that it would be fun to drive down to Las Vegas. So Friday afternoon we jumped in the car and arrived in Las Vegas around 9:30. Our main reason for going to Las Vegas was so we could eat at the Paris' buffet. I went to the Paris Buffet last year when I was there for Comdex and I thought it was really good.

On Saturday we went window shopping and walked around the strip until about 1:00. Then we headed to the Paris and got in line for the buffet. My favorite part about the buffet is their cheese selection, and their dessert area. They have a really good dessert called bananas foster. Basically it is fried bananas in some kind of sauce, with either chocolate, or caramel and lots of whipped cream. We rolled out of the Buffet at 3:00 and headed to St. George.

We spent a few hours in Hurricane with Mark and Elaine. We enjoyed seeing their kids again. It is amazing how fast Maicey (sp?) is growing. She sure is a cute kid. We left the Hickens at 9:30 and got home at 1:00

We love you all.
James and Miekka Lance



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