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02/26/2004 Newsletter



Quite a bit has happened since the last time we wrote this letter. Hopefully I can remember most of it.

I just finished up a bit contract job that I have been working on since Christmas. I have been coming home from work, eating dinner then strapping myself to the computer for another 2-3 hours several times a week. Twelve hour work days aren't the most fun, but it is nice having extra income to make ends meet. The good part is that I am able to work from home, so I can be around Miekka and Seth, even if I'm not actively playing with them. I've got several more offers on the table, so I think I will be busy for quite a while.

Miekka, Amy and their mom have been working hard on a project to paint, clean, rearrange and girlify a bedroom and playroom for Hanna, Maggie, and Sophie. The Abbots went out of town on vaction for two weeks. Miekka got a key for their house from Aaron, and have been working feverously to get everything done. They finished up the room on Tuesday night. From what I hear the room is very cute!

Love, Miekka, James and Seth


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