We are so excited to announce that we are expecting a little girl at the end of November.  We had the ultrasound on Monday and made the technician triple check for us.  When we had Jacob's ultrasound the technician told us he was a girl at first, but then found some convincing evidence that he was really a boy.  This time the technician assured us that she couldn't find any boy parts.  So we are happy and a little nervous about welcoming a girl into our world of trains, trucks and transformers.  Move over Optimus Prime.... here comes Barbie!!! 



In light of this new addition to our family, we decided to buy bunk beds for Seth and Jacob.  I had been scanning the classified for months trying to find a nice, reasonably priced set for them, but the ones I liked were either too expensive or I was too late in answering the ad.  Marrisse had received an advertisement for a store in Sandy that was selling some good looking beds for not too much money so I decided to check them out.  When I got there, they only had two bunks left and they were the floor models.  The salesman told me he would sell me the floor model for 100.00 off the price.  That brought the brand new bed down to what I was seeing on the classifieds and I jumped on the deal!  Seth and Jacob love the bed!!  Seth thinks he is the king of the bedroom up on the top bunk and Jacob is reveling in the fact that he can get out of bed by himself.  Although I must say that I wasn't so happy about it this morning when he climbed into our bed at 5:00 a.m..


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