Well, even with all my good intentions it has been over a month since I updated this.  Where does the time go?

This month we were kind of all over the place.  James headed out by himself to attend his brother Joseph's graduation from Air Force training camp.  He flew to San Antonio on Thursday night, had a whirlwind 2 days with Joe and then flew back Saturday afternoon.  I think Joe was pretty happy that someone from the family showed up.  After their graduation ceremony was done they had to wait on the field until someone from the audience came and got them.  I think Joe was pretty much set on that fact that he'd have to stand there until everyone else was gone.  James said it looked like Joe was a little choked up when he suddenly appeared to take him off the field.   They had some fun and spent a lot of time at their Aunt Darcy's house, just hanging out.

The next week the boys and I headed out with my parents for another trip to Disneyland.  I've really let the Annual Pass thing get out of hand haven't I?  We drove halfway on Wednesday night and then straight to the park on Thursday morning.  I can pretty much sum up this trip in 2 words... HOT and CROWDED.  I don't know where all the people came from, unless they were all from Utah!  It was worse then when we went right in the middle of the peak summer season and nearly as hot too.  James flew in on Friday night and spent the rest of the weekend with us.  I think the highlights of the trip were riding in the canoes and meeting Woody.  None of us had ever ridden the canoes before and the lines were soooo long for every other ride that it was nice to hop right on something.  Seth was sitting right behind me and kept splashing me because he never lifted his oar all the way out of the water.  He and I were both soaked from the waist down.  Jacob had a great time trying to get his oar coordinated and I had a great time trying to keep him from falling out of the boat.  The boys also got to watch a short little show starring Woody and Jessie from Toy Story.  Afterward, they stood in line to meet Woody.  Jacob stood there looking up at this enormous man in a Woody costume.  He had this look on his face like, why is he so big?  He's so small in the movies.  It was a fun trip and nice to be with my parents and have my kids spend time with grandma and grandpa in a place that they all love. 

James also had a little company retreat with his co-workers.  They went (I think) to Snow Basin and did a ropes course and had some company bonding time.  I think James appreciated the time to get to know the other people he works with and he came back pretty fired up to get a major project done by the end of the year.  Having a huge project is good because he gets to work from home almost all the time now (he's more productive at home apparently) and it will really come in handy to have him home when the baby is born.

So out of the 5 weekends since I last wrote we've only all been home for two of them. 

Seth is really enjoying school now.  He had a bit of a rough start because he didn't want to do his class work in class, but now he motors through it and even has time to draw some interesting pictures on the back of his work papers.  He knows the pledge of allegiance by heart, can name all the months and days of the week, and he is memorizing some sight words.  He is also getting really good at sounding out words and spelling out words.  Yesterday he wrote the word Robin without asking me any of the sounds. (He was writing Batman and Robin and needed help with Batman but not Robin.)  He also got a new pair of shoes this week after complaining that his old ones were hurting his feet.  I think the shoes we got are a little too big, but they had Batman on them and they were PERFECT!!!   If you couldn't tell, he's a little bit obsessed with Batman right now.  I can't really figure out where the obsession came from.  McDonalds had Batman Lego toys in their Happy Meals for a few weeks and ever since then he's liked all things Batman.  I guess I underestimated the power of the Happy Meal toy!

Jacob is definitely a two year old!  He absolutely loves dressing up, hates having his picture taken and looking in the mirror, likes playing anything that Seth is playing, and doesn't like sharing things he thinks should not have to be shared.  The sharing thing is interesting because there are some things he has no problem at all sharing, but some things are just Jacob's and no one else's, even if they really are someone else's.  He has recently started dressing up as Indiana Jones... This is another mystery to me, because I'm pretty sure his only exposure to Indiana Jones is a Mr. Potato Head doll that James has down in his office (if you push down the hat on the doll it plays the Indiana Jones theme song).  So when Jacob dresses up like Indiana Jones he puts on his cowboy boots, his cowboy hat and his belt, and then he goes around singing the theme song.  He asked me to put his belt on today and I asked him if he was going to be a cowboy, "No" he says and then without another word starts singing the theme song to Indiana Jones.  It was a really funny way for him to tell me exactly who was pretending to be. 

I'm in the home stretch for this pregnancy!  Yay!!!  I don't remember being this eager to be done with the whole pregnancy thing with the boys...  I find myself literally counting the days.  Not good when you have an unspecified number of days to count. Needless to say, I would not be sad at all if the baby came a little early this time around.  We still haven't settled on a name, there are lots of names that we know we will not name her, but the perfect, right one hasn't been decided.  At this rate we may not know until she comes...  Maybe that's the way it needs to be, maybe we need to see her and get to know her a little first.  We'll let you all know when it all happens.  Hopefully sooner than later! 

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