Lia is Here!!

We are so excited to announce that Lia Marie Lance is here! 
She was born on Thursday, November 13th at 4:59 in the evening. 
She is 7 pounds even and 19 1/2 inches long. 

She was born about 9 days early, which was just fine with me!!

The whole thing went quite quickly.  I had a regular OB appointment at 9:00 in the morning.  After finding that my blood pressure was slightly up, the doctor ordered a Non-stress test (which is where they measure the fluid around the baby and check her heart rate and movements).  The hospital had an opening right then for the test so I headed straight over there from the doctors office.  They did the test and found that the amniotic fluid was 3 points lower than it should have been, so they called my doctor and my doctor decided to induce labor.  I walked into labor and delivery at about 12:00, they got me right into a room and all hooked up with monitors and an IV.  They started the pitocin at 1:00 and Lia was born 4 hours later.  It was a fairly easy labor and delivery.  The umbilical cord was wrapped around the baby's neck and her heart rate was low, so the doctor rushed me through pushing and used a vacuum to help get her out quickly.  I think I only pushed for about 10 minutes.  She was pretty blue when she came out, but pinked up very quickly after they got the cord off her neck.   

Lia is beautiful, although she looks kind of cranky in this picture...  She has the Lance family hair-line and nose, but her chin is exactly like mine, which is exactly like my paternal grandmother's.  Every once in a while she'll make a certain face and she looks just like my grandma.  Lia's hair is thick and dark and there is a whole lot of it.  I can't tell yet if it's curly, but it is so soft and fun to play with.  She is a really calm baby so far (knock on wood).  She eats quickly and regularly and has been sleeping at least 4 hours straight at night.  She loves to be held and cuddled and only cries if someone is bugging her or changing her diaper.

Seth and Jacob are excited to have their baby sister here.  Seth loves to hold her and rock her.  Jacob held her once and I think he didn't quite know what to think of her.  But they have both been really gentle and nice to her.  We are all so happy she is here and part of our family now.  

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