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It's been a few days now and we are settling back into some semblance of normal life.  My parents brought Seth and Jacob home last night.  Jenni made us a yummy dinner and shared their pictures from their trip to Jordan.  Lia has been really sleepy.  She sleeps about 3 to 4 hours at a time and then wakes up to eat.  So far she's only getting up about twice a night, which is nice for me.  I rigged up a small light in my bedroom so I can nurse her in bed without disturbing James too much.  The boys have been really nice to her, but sometimes they forget that she's so tiny and get too excited around her.  They both love to hold her now and love to touch her face and hair.  There should be new pictures up on the site sometime today, but I wanted to post this super cute birth announcement that Jenni made up for Lia.  


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