One week old

Today is Lia's one week birthday.  James got the new pictures up on the website yesterday so I thought I better get something up on the site today to let everyone know. 

Lia is still a calm, easy baby.  She eats every 3-4 hours and sleeps the rest of the time.  She was awake for nearly an hour this morning and I think that's the longest she's been awake since she was born.  We had to have her jaundice levels tested twice, the process looks painful... They poke a hole in her foot and then basically milk it to get enough blood out.  The first time she screamed her head off, the next time she slept through the entire process.  I guess she was tired!!  The doctor also is having us put her on a billi-light-bed as much as possible.  The lights supposedly help get rid of the jaundice.  She doesn't like being on the bed at all so she probably hasn't been on it as much as the doctor would like.  I'm taking her to her one-week checkup this afternoon and hopefully we'll be able to get rid of the billi-bed all together. 

Jenni has been helping me in my quest to become more girly.  She made about 25 bows for Lia's hair, appliqued three adorable shirts, made two hooter-hiders for me, and found some super cute outfits at the DI and Kid to Kid.  Thanks Jen!! 

Seth has a lot of time off of school in the next week, due to parent teacher conferences and Thanksgiving.  I'm going to have to get creative to keep him occupied with all that free time.  Luckily, he and Jacob are pretty good at playing with each other and by themselves.  I had anticipated being a lot more stressed out during the Thanksgiving break, but since Lia decided to make her appearance earlier than expected, I have had the chance to get a little more settled before the holidays start.

James has been working from home since Lia was born and it has been so nice to have him close by.  I need to go down there sometime soon and take a picture of him working with Lia asleep on his chest.  It's too cute!  I am so thankful to have such a great husband to take care of me and my family. 

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