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The big news for this month is that Seth has finally learned how to crawl. He has been working on it for a month and a half now and finally took the plunge on Memorial Day. He has been building up his skills each day since then and has tackled the carpet, the wood floor and the tiles in the kitchen. He doesn't like crawling on the hard surfaces much yet. I'm assuming that's because he hasn't built up the calluses on his knees and it hurts to drag them over the hard floors. He is reveling in his newfound freedom and he giggles as he crawls from place to place. I am going to have to keep the floors really clean because he likes to stop and put whatever he sees on the floor in his mouth. So far I have already fished a rock, a white thing, and some really old cereal out of his mouth.

Another discovery for Seth this month is that he can say "Hi, Dada" and sometimes he says "bye, bye". These two phrases are usually accompanied by waving his hand. He is definitely becoming more in tune to the world around him. He will clap his hands when you tell him to, he plays peek-a-boo and patty cake. Seth is also our kamikaze swimmer. I took him to the pool at the apartment complex behind our house and he swam for an hour and a half straight. At first I held him in my arms as I waded around the pool, but he kept pushing away from me and wanted to have his arms and legs down in the water. So I started to hold him face down with one arm under his chest for support and let him kick and splash and paddle and drink as much pool water as his little heart desired. I think he would have stayed in the water all day. He wasn't a bit afraid of the water and splashed himself in the face several times. I'm thinking of buying him a little swim vest and seeing how he does with that.

James has had several job interviews in the last little while. So far none of the jobs have been quite what he's been looking for. He has one that looks really promising coming up next week, so hopefully it will be a good interview. James has also been filling up his time with a lot of side jobs lately. He just completed two big projects, one website and one programming project, and he has another website project in the works. It's nice for him to have his own company on the side and to be able to get projects that he finds really interesting to work on. The money is nice too and we are using a lot of it to beautify the backyard and supplement his regular income. Also coming up next week for James is a huge paintball day. He and a bunch of his friends are going out to a ghost town that is supposed to be the most awesome paintball spot in the state. They are planning to be out there all day shooting at each other and having a great time. I'm sure you'll hear all about it in the next newsletter we post.

I have been busy with babysitting, cleaning, shopping and taking care of Seth and James. I finished the front flowerbed and so far nothing that I planted out there has died (knock on wood). I also drew up plans for a garden on the other side of the front of the house and started working on that last week. It promises to be a lot more work than the first flowerbed, but I think it will be worth it in the end and will make our house look much better. I never thought I would be a gardener, but having a house that needs all the help it can get on the outside has forced me into it. I sort of enjoy it actually and since the first bed turned out so well it has given me a little confidence. I am excited to have the backyard nearly clean so that I can start planning the landscape design for it as well. (I definitely like the planning stage better than doing the actual work.) Another project I finished this month was redecorating the bathroom. It was such a drab and dreary little room and the walls were peeling from all the water condensation. I decided to do a Hawaiian theme and bought new shelves, towels, lights, and shower curtain. I also painted the room a sunny, yellow color and James installed some white tile board over the peeling walls. The transformation was just what I hoped for. The room, although still small, is much brighter and happier now. The best part is that most of the decorations are removable so that when we can afford to do a real remodel on the room I can still keep my happy Hawaiian theme in the new bathroom.

Well, I think that wraps it up for this month. We love you and hope you are all well.

Love, Miekka, James and Seth