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02/02/2006 Newsletter


Seth holding Jacob

Seth and Jacob

Jacob and seth

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We are excited to announce the birth of Jacob Lane Lance. He was born January 17th at 6:18 pm. He weighed in at 8 lbs. 2 oz. and was 20 inches long. The first thing that everyone notices about Jacob is his hair. He has a lot and it sticks up in a natural mohawk due to an unfortunate cowlick right in the middle of his hairline. He is a great little boy. Everyone told me that I'd never have two calm and good babies in a row, but I think Jacob has proved them wrong. He is such a good baby. He is healthy and strong and is a good eater and sleeper. At his two week Doctor appointment this last Tuesday he weighed 9 lbs. 1 oz. and had grown a half inch. So he's definitely growing well. We love having a little one in the house again. I'm not quite sure I was ready for the nighttime feedings, but the loss of sleep is worth having Jacob here! We love him and are excited to watch him grow.

Seth has been adjusting to having someone else to share Mommy with. He has been pretty good about it, but forgets himself sometimes and has pulled Jacob's hair a few times and has had some rough moments with him. He has been sent to time-out several times and we hope that he will learn to become a little more gentle with Jacob and with other kids. We took Seth and Jacob to have their pictures taken. Seth wanted it to be Jacob's turn the whole time we were there so that he wouldn't have to sit up on the photo table by himself. Luckily, the photographer was really patient and we got a few cute shots of each boy and one of them both together. We also went to the Zoo last Thursday. They were having a 75 cent special every Thursday in January and so we bundled up and braved the cold. Seth was such a big boy, he had to walk the whole time since Jacob has taken over the stroller. He never complained about having to walk and seemed to enjoy looking at the animals. He was a little scared of the elephants because the zoo has these loud speakers blaring elephant noises which aren't very pleasing on the ears. So whenever he gets asked about what he liked at the zoo Seth always says, "Big elephants" and then "It's loud". It was fun to go and spend the afternoon outdoors and with aunts and cousins.

James has been working diligently to support our family. He still commutes to Utah County everyday, but the drive is bearable because he carpools with 2 guys who he likes pretty well. He has also been playing an online game called World of Warcraft. Apparently it is quite an addicting game. He has several friends who play it nearly everyday. James is really good about scheduling his playing around bedtimes and generally only plays two nights per week. I think it is a good stress reliever for him. He has really enjoyed having Jacob here to cuddle with since Seth has started refusing to give hugs and kisses on demand. I am really grateful for James and all he does for me and our family. He was so great during Jacob's birth and is the best Dad in the world. He always looks for ways to help me out, especially when Seth is cranky and I am trying to juggle making dinner, feeding Jacob and taking care of Seth. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful husband.

I have been quite busy lately. Jacob's birth went really well and I felt pretty good afterward. It was amazing to me how much more I was able to do since I didn't have a c-section this time. I was up and about really quickly. Every time I went somewhere and someone asked me how old Jacob was and I would say "He's a week old" they would be amazed that I wasn't still lying in bed doing absolutely nothing. I guess I just didn't see the point in lying around when I didn't feel poorly. The only thing that has been hard for me so far is the loss of sleep. Seth and Jacob aren't very coordinated on their nap times yet so I haven't been able to take naps with them in the afternoons to make up for the multiple interruptions of my sleep at night. I'm doing ok though and usually end up going to bed at about 8:30 or 9:00 right after Seth goes down for the night. I love being able to be at home with my two boys. I am learning so much from Seth about what it's like to be a two-year old and re-learning all the fun things that newborns do from Jacob. He is already holding his head up and tracking people by turning in the direction of familiar voices. I am amazed at what children can teach us.

I just need to put in a little blurb about Christmas since we never wrote a Christmas update. We spent Christmas eve at home with all of my brothers and sisters. I had stomach flu the night before and was still feeling a little woozy so I didn't participate much in the feasting and partying. Everyone else seemed to have a good time enjoying clam chowder and fondue. We also caught a matinee of the new Wallace and Grommit movie that afternoon. Christmas morning we woke up and opened the gifts from James' side of the family and our personal family gifts. I gave James a new super cool barrel for his paintball gun (that, unfortunately, he hasn't been able to use yet. He might get a chance this Saturday though.") Seth got a play kitchen and food and utensils to go with it. He was also sick with a mild case of stomach flu that morning and so it wasn't a very jubilant morning for him. He did play with his kitchen quite a bit though. He loved to make hot dogs in the microwave and fry eggs on the stove top. James gave me a really nice vacuum cleaner with the inscription "May you never get a gift that sucks like this one again..." on the package. It was pretty funny. He also surprised me with a case for my sewing machine, so I can keep it out of little hands. We went to church at my parent's ward. Their Christmas program was soooooo long. They had about 8 musical numbers, a living nativity narrated and acted out by the youth, and three speakers. It ended up going 45 minutes over the allotted time and the next ward was waiting to come in. It was hard to pay attention after the hour had passed and we were waiting for it to end. We had brunch after church and then opened presents from my side of the family. It was a nice, but long day and we were ready to drop into bed when we got home.

So, it's been an eventful two months for us. We hope all of you are happy and healthy. We love you all.

Love James, Miekka, Seth and Jacob