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11/12/2006 Newsletter


Seth at Disneyland

Seth riding the Merry-go-round at Disneyland

Sherrif Woody and Bullseye (his Horse)

Sherrif Woody and Bullseye (his Horse)



September was a quiet month for us. We spent Labor Day with my family hiking and climbing big rocks up at the Brighton ski resort. We also took the kids up to Snowbird to the Oktober Fest they have there. James was excited to see that they had Dale Myberg the 1996 Yo-yo World Champ there doing a show and offering free lessons. James ended up spending most of the time that we were up there trying to learn how to loop-de-loop his yo-yo a little better. Seth and I went up and tried out the bounce houses that were there. After looking around a bit we went and had some German fare for dinner. Jacob tasted a pickle for the first time and loved it!


Mid-October found Seth and I saying goodbye to James and Jacob and hopping in the car to head to Disneyland again. We went with my parents and my sister, Amy. We spent 3 days at the parks. Seth really enjoyed the Buzz Lightyear ride and he was also tall enough to go on the small roller coaster in Toon Town and the bumper cars which were both fun for him. He also really enjoyed Pirates of the Caribbean and decided that he needed a pirate sword for his souvenir. My mom and I went to the Dollar store and found two pirate sets for less than Disneyland was selling one cheap pirate sword, so we got them for him and he and Amy played pirates. Seth also learned that the pirate word for Bathroom is the "Head" and so for the next few weeks he had to go splash his pee-pee in the Head. We had a great time. I think I've gotten my Disneyland fix taken care of for the next year or so.


Halloween was so fun this year. Seth was Woody the cowboy from Toy Story and Jacob was a horse. The Saturday before Halloween was the annual pumpkin carving party and my Aunt Jo's house. Seth and I carved a Thomas Train pumpkin. Marrisse's kids had the day before Halloween off school so we had a Halloween party that night at my parent's house. We dressed up, played Ghost's in the Graveyard, "bobbed" for doughnuts, and played Halloween bingo. On Halloween day we went to James' work and Trick-or-treated from desk to desk. We also went to my mom's house and trick-or-treated a few houses in her neighborhood before heading to Jenni's for dinner and more trick-or-treating. Seth ended up with a huge bucket full of candy.


We are happy to have John living with us again. He finished his job in Iraq and after spending a few weeks in Virginia made his way to Utah. He is living in the basement and has decided to move from the small cave-like bedroom into the unfinished bedroom at the south end of the basement. He has been busy getting organized. He bought a used truck, updated his bike, and has laser surgery done on his eyes. He is studying for the GRE so that he'll be able to start grad school sometime soon.


Seth has been learning his letters and numbers. He taught himself how to write the letter H and is working on E and S. He can also read his name and the word Cars. He surprises me all the time with little points of brilliance and insight. He has been diagnosed with Asthma after having trouble breathing during two chest colds. We give him breathing treatments with a nebulizer once a day. The doctor says that there is a chance that he could grow out of it, but he's got relatives on both sides with it so I guess we'll wait and see. Seth's biggest accomplishment this month is finally being potty trained. He has some bad days still, but he is doing a great job and we are so proud of him.


Jacob has been cruising. He finally began to crawl and he loves to pull himself upright. I weaned him when I went to Disneyland in October, but he really enjoys drinking from a bottle and was on his way to self-weaning anyway. His first word was ba-ba which he says when he's hungry. He learned how to wave hello and to "throw it in the oven". He loves to explore everything and to follow me around. He reached the 20 pound mark so we had to move him out of his infant car seat and into a convertible seat. His first top tooth came in and I expect his second will be here any day. He loves to laugh and is ticklish all over his body, so it's pretty easy to make him giggle uncontrollably.


James has been really getting into his yo-yos again. He's been perfecting some of his tricks and has been thinking about getting some new yo-yos. He's really been enjoying having John here to talk to and play with. They spend a lot of time "saving the world" in their Battle for Middle Earth game.

I have been busy being a mom. I made Seth's and his cousin Sophie's Halloween costumes. I cook and clean and shop. I love playing with my all my boys and am having a great time!

Love James, Miekka, Seth and Jacob