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This must be a record for me...  2 postings in 2 weeks!!  Amazing! 


James was offered and accepted a new job last week.  His last day at his current job is tomorrow and I don't think he's very sad to be leaving.  It's been a rough job for him, mostly because there was absolutely no trust in the company.  So on to something new!!  He will be working for a start up company called Commerce Interface.  I'm not super sure about what it is they do, but James will be completely in charge of all the programming and computer setups.  He's pretty happy to have a project that's all his own.  We have high hopes for the company.  The office is only 5 minutes away from our house by car and 10 by bike.  That was a big selling point for James.  I'll keep you posted as to how things are going for him as he gets settled in.  He starts in a week and a half.


Since we have a week off between now and when the new job starts we decided to take a trip.  I'm only slightly embarrassed to say that it will include a few days at Disneyland (Again!  That makes 4 times this year.  Ah, the beauty of annual passes!).  I'm not sure how I talked James into it.  We are going to Anaheim for 2 and a half days and then up to Gilroy to visit with all the family there.  Except for the driving, it should be a pretty laid back trip.  We are looking forward to it.

Kaysville parade water fight


We went to see the movie WALL*E a little while ago.  It has some great music in it from the musical "Hello Dolly".  I pulled out my CD of Hello Dolly and we have been listening to it for a few days now.  Jacob has pretty much memorized the opening lines of "Put on Your Sunday Clothes" which he has dubbed the WALL*E song.  It's so funny to hear his little voice singing "Out dere!  Dere's a wowld outside of Yonkews"  I need to get a video of him!  In the spirit of things I decided to get the DVD of the musical from the library.  We watched it last night and again this morning.  The boys have interpreted several of the songs into their own lingo.  The latest is the song "It Takes a Woman".  The real words go "It takes a woman, a dainty woman".  The boys have changed "dainty" into "eighteen".  They sang "It takes a woman, a eighteen woman" over and over and over today.  It was hilarious.  The other song that we are really enjoying right now comes from a Disney CD we got from the library.  It's called Disney Block Party or something like that.  It has a rendition of "The Tiki Room" on it that is totally awesome.  We crank it up and the boys sit in the back of the car dancing in their seats and flapping their arms like bird wings.  The song has a really thumping bass line and I've gotten a few strange looks from people when my mini-van is thumping this beat that could be from any hard-core rap song.  I think they would be quite surprised to find out that it's the song from the Tiki Room at Disneyland.

Here's a picture of the boys in their new bunk bed. 


I officially passed the halfway mark for this pregnancy on Sunday.  It's hard to believe, because it's gone soooo fast!!  I'm sure the last half won't feel quite so quick though.  I am just barely showing, mostly I look chubbier than normal.  Everything seems to be going just fine.  James was able to feel her kick the other night and Seth can't wait to feel it too.  Last night, Jacob was on my lap and she started kicking right into his back.  I mentioned it to James and he told Seth and then it was like an instantaneous dog-pile of hands on my stomach.  Of course the baby stopped kicking right when I told them so they were all disappointed.  I'm sure they'll get a chance to feel her soon though, she's starting to get much stronger.   The doctor told me today that the official due date is November 22nd.  That's two whole days earlier than I was told before.  Woo Hoo!  (Note a little sarcasm here.)  I've never gone into labor on my own and was induced with Jacob the day after his due date, so I don't think I'm one of those women that always has her babies a week or two early (like my sister, although I'll pass on the 6 weeks early that she managed with her last one).