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YAY!!  Disneyland again...  I think I have to be one of the most spoiled people on the planet.  We spent two and a half days at the park.  The highlight was the new Toy Story ride.  The boys absolutely loved it.  We rode on it three times and waited an average of 45 minutes for each ride.  Another highlight of the trip was watching the Pixar parade.  All the characters from the Disney/Pixar films went by us and gave us a decent dousing with various squirt guns.  It was a pretty fun parade, especially since it was at least 90 degrees out.  The water felt nice.  The second night we stayed in the park until 11:00 p.m.  Everyone had taken a three hour nap earlier in the afternoon and we weren't very tired.  So after watching Fantasmic and the fireworks from the waterfront, we headed over to Fantasyland and rode on three or four more rides before the kids were ready to go. It's been really fun being able to fulfill my hearts desire of heading to Disneyland whenever the fancy strikes me this year.  I think James might be done after this trip though. I think I might be too, but don't quote me on that...

OH MOM, NOT DISNEYLAND AGAIN!! -- Seth and Jacob are just being silly in this picture and are only pretending to be bored, but I thought it was hilarious!


We headed up to Gilroy for the remainder of the week and spent time hanging out with family.  We took the boys to the Monterey Bay Aquarium, which they thought was pretty awesome.  Seth had a run in with a crab (he hates the way crabs look, and gets grossed out by them when we see them in the grocery store) that put a slight damper on his enjoyment.  We finished our tour of the aquarium in the jellyfish exhibit and I think the coolness of the jellyfish outweighed the grossness of the crabs so he had a good time in the end.  The boys also loved playing with all of Grandma Jean's building toys and the rice bin.  It was good to relax and be with people we don't see very often.  I think it was a good break for James before he started his new job the day after we got home.

JACOB'S GOLDEN PYRAMIDS -- Made with Grandma Jean's fun building blocks


I think James is really enjoying his new job.  It's been an interesting transition for our family since the company is a start up and doesn't offer a lot of benefits.  Hopefully, we'll have all the insurance kinks worked out before the end of this month though.  He works 5 minutes away from the house by car and 15 by bike.  He has always wanted to work somewhere close enough to be able to bike to work.  He and his boss just spent a whole day planning out exactly what James needs to do and I think he is looking forward to getting started.  There's a lot of weight on his shoulders since he is the only programmer, but if he does a great job (and I know he will) the pay off should be pretty nice. 


We officially have a five year old in the house!  There is something huge about turning five, I'm not sure if it's that he gets to go to school in the fall, or that he had his first friend party, or if it's just the level of maturity that goes along with being five, but this one was a biggie!  We celebrated with two separate parties, one for family and one for friends.  We held the family party on Pioneer Day and Seth got his own private birthday fireworks show.  The crowning moment of the fireworks was what has come to be known as the Sawhorse Spectacular.  We rigged one of my dad's old sawhorses with 3 spinning fireworks, one huge fountain and a firework that hangs from a stick and burns up a ribbon until it explodes.  It was pretty impressive.   James and my brother-in-law Aaron have already started to make plans for next years Sawhorse Spectacular!   Anyway, back to the birthday...  Seth had an Optimus Prime cake and got lots of presents.  The frosting on the cake had A LOT of food coloring in it and all the kids had blue or red mouths by the time they were done eating. 

We had Seth's friend party on his actual birthday.  His friend David from the ward came, Danny his friend from preschool was there too,  plus all of his cousins except Amelia.  It was some rambunctious fun.  We played pin the Autobot symbol on Optimus Prime, bashed an Optimus Prime pinata and ate Transformers cupcakes.  Seth really loved being the center of attention


Seth is getting ready to start Kindergarten in three weeks.  He's pretty excited about it, but I'm not sure he realizes that I'm not going to be there with him.  He's pretty much never away from me, I even teach his Primary class at church, so I think it's going to be quite an adjustment for both of us actually.  He is learning how to read right now and knows all of the letter sounds.  He has a hard time putting the sounds all in the right order to make a word, but I think with practice he'll catch on pretty quick.

Jacob is our little song bird.  If he hears a song once or twice he can sing it and usually sings on key too.  He makes up his own words if he doesn't know what the right ones are, which adds a level of hilarity to it.  Unfortunately, he is not a performer and I have yet to catch him on video.  I'll have to be more vigilant about keeping the camera handy.  He has been giving his vocal chords a workout lately by screeching and screaming at the top of his lungs when he doesn't get his own way.  I'm not sure my ears can handle much more of that level of sound.  It's amazing how sweet and cute his voice can be in one moment and then the next he's a screaming banshee.  Luckily, the cute times out number the banshee times

I am starting to feel a little more pregnant (24 weeks today), although I still don't look very pregnant.  Most people I tell now are still surprised.  I'm not sure whether to be flattered or offended.  I mean, if they don't think I'm pregnant, they must think I've eaten about 100 candy bars too many!  I do think I'm going to have to retire the non-maternity skirt I wore to church today though, it was quite tight.  I've been having fun shopping for cute girly outfits at the D.I. and all the clearance sales.  Jenni also gave me some super cute crochet patterns that kept me busy during the long car rides on our trip.  My only wish is that girl clothes came in a few other colors besides pink and lavender.  I dislike lavender and that leaves me with pink.  I've been hunting for other colors, and have come up with a few cute red outfits and some greens, blues and browns.  I guess until the day she demands to be dressed only in pink, I'd like to have a little more variety.