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07/16/2006 Newsletter


Seth and Thomas the Tank Engine

Seth and Thomas the Tank Engine

Seth, Jacob and Miekka

My Two Boys
April: 2nd Half
A Day out with Thomas
May: 2nd Half
Hill Airforce Base: Airshow
June: 2nd Half
Baerwaldt Reunion


Oh boy! I shouldn't have let two whole months pass since writing last. So much has happened. I'll try and keep this as short as I can and just mention some of the highlights.

Over Memorial Day weekend we took Seth for a "Day Out with Thomas". The Heber Valley railroad has a life sized Thomas engine come out each year and the kids get to take a train ride with Thomas. Seth was sooooo excited. There were a bunch of booths that were all Thomas related. Seth got to ride in "Clarabell" (one of Thomas' coaches) and had his picture taken with Thomas. We even ate dinner at a train restaurant.

I finally gave Jacob a haircut. James didn't want me to do it, but Jacob's bangs were so long that they were almost touching his nose. I took a bunch of before and after pictures. He looked very military after the cut. I thought that all he needed were some Army fatigues and he'd be set to follow in Grandpa Lane's footsteps.

At the end of June we went up to Logan for the Baerwaldt family reunion. It was fun to spend a few days with family that we don't see very often. We had an especially good time with Darren and his family. They came down to our house and we went swimming together before heading back up to Logan.

My brother Spencer and his wife Tammy came to visit the first week in July. My parent's had an open house to introduce Tammy to all of their friends. We spent a few days with Tammy, her mom, her sister and her sister's son. We went to the Thanksgiving Point Dinosaur museum and to the zoo. It was fun to have my whole family together.

We celebrated our 5th anniversary on the 13th of June. Seth spent the night at Marrisse's house, Jenni watched Jacob, and James and I went out to dinner at the Melting Pot. It's a fondue restaurant. The food was fantastic, but the price was pretty steep. We've decided that if we go there again that we will get just the cheese course and the dessert course. We also got ourselves a flat screen TV for our anniversary present.

Seth has been growing up so fast lately. He is getting very precocious. His new favorite thing is to ask "why" after everything I say. He is learning his ABC's and can sing the ABC song all by himself. He is getting really excited about his birthday. I have convinced him that he wants a Bob the Builder birthday instead of a Thomas one so I don't have to go out and buy all new stuff for the party. Seth has also learned to jump with both feet off the ground. He loves playing with his cousins and pretending to be different characters from the movies that he watches.

Jacob weighed nearly 16 pounds at his 4 month doctors appointment so he is gaining about 2 pounds a month and should weigh nearly 20 pounds now. I have the sore arms to prove that he is definitely a big boy. He has learned to turn himself over and has been getting himself up on his hands and knees quite a bit. I think he's not going to be a slouch about crawling and walking like Seth was. He can get his binky into his mouth by himself and is working on being able to sit up. I also started feeding him solid foods a few weeks ago. So far he likes everything I've given him except for green beans.

Well, that's about as short as I can make this update. We love you all.

Love James, Miekka, Seth and Jacob