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Saris Reunion


August was a fun month for us.  The highlight was spending lots of time with our families.  We celebrated Jenni's birthday and Amelia's blessing on the same day.  We went up in the canyon with the Lance clan for a super good foil dinner picnic.  It was a nice picnic spot, but I had to keep a close eye on Seth and Jacob because it was right next to a river.  Jacob also made friends with a dog that was in the next picnic area.  We also got to spend time with my brother Spencer and his wife Tammy.  They were in town for the Saris Family Reunion.  They came with us to the Pioneer Heritage Park next to the This is the Place Monument.  The kids had a ton of fun and got to do some crafts and eat cookies and play in the mini pioneer village.  They also got a pony ride and a train ride. There was something there for all the kids to do.  Jacob and Caleb had so much fun in the play houses.  They would go inside, look out the window at Marrisse and I and then say "Hi Mommy".  Then they'd run out of the house and look in the window from the outside.  I think they were trying to catch each other in the window, but as soon as one ran out the other had to go too and they never quite got synced up.  They did this for about 10 minutes before they got tired of it, which is a pretty long time for a one year old attention span.


The third weekend in August was the Saris Family Reunion.  We rented Condos up in Park City and stayed for three nights.  It was nice to see my cousins that I don't see very often.  We spent a lot of time in the swimming pools at the resort and in the hot tubs that were right in our condos.  The pools were really nice, they had one for just adults, one for everyone and one very small one that was just perfect for Jacob and Caleb.  It rained pretty hard most of the day on Saturday and so we had to spend most of the day in the condo.  During a break in the storm we tried to go up and ride the Alpine slide, but it clouded over again right as we were pulling into the parking lot and it began to pour as soon as we got up to get our tickets.  So we headed back and put the kids in the hot tub since the pools were closed.  Later on that evening we were finally able to ride the slide.  Seth rode with me and I let him "drive".  We cruised down the hill partway and then realized that the person behind us was coming up fast.  I took over the driving and we flew down the rest of the hill.  Seth loved the ride and said it was "Crazy!".  The weekend was really nice and relaxing.  Seth didn't want to leave because he had so much fun being with his cousins for three days straight.


During August and September we decided to finally remodel both of our upstairs bathrooms.  The projects went fairly smoothly aside from some plumbing snags.  Of course those were due to our bad plumbing luck...  Every time we attempt a plumbing project, we end up going to the store at least one or two more times to get parts that we've either forgotten or that we didn't know we needed.  Unlike every other project in this house so far there were very few hidden speed bumps that got in our way and we now have two modern and nice looking bathrooms.  They are still extremely small, but by changing out large vanities for smaller ones we created more space in both rooms.  They both look so nice.