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John's Wedding: Morning, Luncheon, Reception


September was filled with family and fun.  Seth started "preschool" this month.  My sister Marrisse, her sister-in-law Emily and I all have kids that are going to Kindergarten next fall and we decided to have a preschool for our kids.  We meet once a week and talk about a different letter of the alphabet.  The kids learn to write the upper and lower cases of the letter and we read stories and have activities related to the letter.  Seth really likes it and looks forward to it every week.  We were also invaded by most of the extended Lance family for John and Courtenay's wedding.  We had a bunch of dinners and get-togethers.   It was fun to see everyone and especially fun for Seth and Jacob to get to spend time with Grandpa Lane. 

hike at silver lake


I spent a few days before the wedding making the wedding cake with my sister Amy.  We experimented with a couple of different cheesecake recipes and finally came up with a good one.  The cake turned out great and we got it up to Logan with no hiccups.  It was raining and cold as we made our way to the Temple.  The ceremony was lovely and it was great to have nearly the whole family in the temple together.  We had a nice luncheon at a ward building and then broke into various groups to relax before the reception.   The reception was held in a large house near the Logan temple.  It was beautifully decorated and everything turned out great.  John and Courtenay were deliriously happy.


We are still plugging away on getting the house fixed up.  After sitting on the project for the whole summer, we finally finished the awning over the back porch.  We painted and put new corrugated plastic on top.  We also cleaned and recoated the hardwood in our living room.  It's not as perfect as if we had sanded and completely refinished it, but it doesn't have ugly dark spots and is nice and shiny now.  We also had carpet installed in the hallway and the bedrooms at the back of the house.  It made a huge difference in how the house looks and sounds.  The floor squeaks are much more quiet now.  In all this upheaval we moved Jacob into Seth's room and made Jacob's room a play room.  It has been so nice to have a place for all the toys and for the boys to play.  I hope they will also become better friends because they are sharing a room.


This year Seth was a policeman for Halloween and Jacob was a pirate.  I also made an awesome costume for James.  He was Sir Robin from Monty Python's Holy Grail, his costume was complete with empty halves of coconuts to bang together.  We had four Halloween get-togethers.  The first was at my Tante Jo's house.  We had dinner, played games and made crafts.  The second was a pumpkin carving party at my mom's house.  Seth did a train pumpkin again this year and James carved a cute face for Jake's pumpkin.  The third party was in Kaysville, we had all sorts of games and treats.  There were 15 kids there so it was quite insane.  The last party was at James' mom's house on Halloween night.  We had a mini chili cook off and the kids got to go Trunk-or-Treating at Grandma's ward house.  We also trick-or-treated at James' work that afternoon.  I weighed the kids candy after we got home and they had just under nine pounds of it.  It was quite an impressive haul.  All in all it was a fun Halloween.


Seth has been very curious about how things are spelled and what letters make what sounds.  He has also really enjoyed the little preschool we have been doing.  He is very good at figuring out solutions to problems that he encounters.  He is also very interested in what's going on in his world so at least once a day we have to go over what is happening in the next little while.  He always wants to know what's going to happen next, where are we going to go, who are we going to see, what are we going to do and things such as that.  He is getting to be really helpful around the house.  A few days ago he washed the sink for me and he knows how to vacuum the floor.  He helps me a lot and is a good big brother for Jacob too.


Jacob is a rambunctious little man.  He loves getting into things and making messes.  He is learning all sorts of new words all the time and is starting to make short sentences.  He still loves to sing and is learning new songs or making up his own all the time too.  He learned how to do a thumbs up yesterday and does a very funny pose as he tries to stick his thumb up.  We call him Jakie-me-too because he copies everything we say or do.  Jacob also decided that books are very cool and his new favorite is "Brown Bear, Brown Bear".  He is so fun to watch and to play with.