Newsletter: September 2008 Archives


James and I have been itching to do something fun for a couple of weekends now, but haven't been able to decide on something. So here's what we did this last weekend.  It was pretty fun and very low key.


We took the boys to the Utah State Fair on Friday night.  I can't even remember the last time I went to the state fair, I must have been really young.  I know we went to the Salt Lake County fair just about every year.  Maybe we never went to the State Fair because they charge money to get in...  Anyway, we walked through some of the animal stalls, but the boys were so hungry they were falling apart.  So we bought them each a corn dog and went to find something for ourselves.  We ended up getting polish sausage corn dogs which were EXTREMELY greasy.  They tasted good, but it was hard to get past the fact that we were eating a deep fried, battered, and seasoned grease ball of meat.  The boys were excited to try out the Little Hands on the Farm exhibit.  It was so fun.  They got to wear aprons, fill their buckets with all the things they harvested and ride on tricycle "tractors".  At the end they sold all of their goods for a little treat.  They both choose chocolate milk, because they were really thirsty from the corn dogs and I neglected to bring their water bottles with us.  We watched a comedy variety show that absolutely tickled Jacob's funny bone.  He laughed and laughed, danced to the music and applauded with great gusto whenever the guy did something he really liked.  I was having more fun watching Jakes than watching the show.  For our treat that night the boys got some cotton candy and James and I split a funnel cake.  It was my first official funnel cake from a fair and it definitely lived up to my expectations.  Yum!! 


The next day we headed up to Park City.  We stopped briefly at the outlet mall so that I could see if they had any cute long sleeve maternity shirts.  Unfortunately, all the cute shirts had short sleeves.  Short sleeves won't do me much good when we get into October and November.  After the outlets we went up to the Olympic Park.  We had a picnic lunch at the base of the long ski jumps.  There is a little play area there and the boys spent a good 45 minutes there.  Jacob finally decided that slides are really not that scary and was jetting down them just as fast as Seth.  We quickly walked through the Olympic and Ski Museums that are there and then caught a few minutes of some freestyle ski jumping that was going on in the freestyle practice pool. 

The highlight of the day was the Alpine Slide.  Seth remembered it from when we went on it last year.  Jacob was too young to ride last year so this was his first time.  They both liked the ride on the ski-lift up to the top of the slides.  Seth wasn't acting nervous even though he's been saying that he's afraid of heights lately.  The slide down was awesome.  Jacob yelled almost the entire way down.  Seth was in charge of driving our sled and he got it going pretty fast.  When we got to the bottom I asked Jacob what he thought about it.  He was nearly speechless, but after a few stutters he said something to the effect of, "I went Ahhhhhhhhhhh and then I went round and round very fast."   In other words he loved it!   The boys then enjoyed a shaved ice with three or four flavors of syrup on it.  It was SWEET!!  We had planned to eat dinner in Park City, but couldn't decide on a restaurant and spending that much money on food, so we ended up driving back down to Salt Lake and getting some hamburgers at the new Five Guys restaurant.  Those are some good burgers and their fries are super yummy.  It was a really nice day, the weather was perfect, the boys were so good and we got some great food.  I really couldn't have asked for a nicer weekend.