Newsletter: January 2009 Archives


So many things have been going on since I last wrote, I don't even know where to start...  I guess we'll give Grandma Debbie a nice update on Lia since I know she's dying to know how she is doing and to see more pictures of her!


Lia has been growing and growing.  She has her two month doctor's appointment on the 26th so I'll have her weight and height then.  I figure she has gained at least 2 pounds if not more since her last appointment.  She has grown out of all her newborn clothes and even some of her 0-3 months stuff.  She is getting fat rolls on her legs and arms and has some nice chubby cheeks.  The best thing about her right now is all the smiling she does.  She smiles with her whole body and you just want to look at her forever when she does it. 

Her eye infection finally cleared up.  It turns out it was a combination of clogged tear ducts and the fact that the way I was administering the eye medicine was not letting the medicine sit in her left eye long enough to work.  Her right eye unclogged first and then, when I changed my tactics in applying the medicine, her left eye cleared up pretty rapidly and finally unclogged about a week later.  It was so nice to see her beautiful eyes clear and healthy. 

Lia was blessed on the 28th of December.  James gave her a wonderful blessing that she will be happy, healthy and strong in the gospel.  We had everyone over after the meeting for sandwiches and left over Christmas goodies.  We chatted and snacked for a couple of hours.  There are some much better pictures of Lia on her blessing day that you can see if you go to Jenni's photography blog. Apple Green Photography

Also of note, Lia slept through the night last week for the first time.  It was a glorious night for me.  Unfortunately, it didn't last.  Although she still sleeps for about six hours at a time, she returned to waking up at 4:30-5:00 a.m. the next day.  I have seen the light though and hope to be having some uninterrupted nights fairly soon. 


There seemed to be a lot of build-up to Christmas this year.  Maybe it was because I started shopping in October and didn't finish until Christmas Eve.  Maybe it was because Seth was super excited about it this year and talked about it nearly every day for a whole month.  At any rate, it seemed that I was preparing for it for a really long time.  This year we tried to help Seth understand that Christmas is more about Jesus and less about getting gifts, but I'm not sure how much it actually sunk in.  He was really into the gift aspect this year, both in giving and getting presents.

Christmas eve and Christmas day were both nice family days.  We spent Christmas eve with my siblings.  We went to a movie, had a wonderful Ham dinner (cooked to perfection by James), and the kids performed the nativity.  On Christmas day, Joseph and Jana came over to open presents with us.  It took us 2 hours to get everything unwrapped (that included a hiatus to fill, roll and cook some cinnamon rolls).  The boys received the Fisher Price Batcave and have not stopped playing with it since they opened it.  It has been the best toy!!  They use their imaginations and come up with all sorts of scenarios for Batman to save the day.  After the present opening, Jana and Joe took off and we headed to my parents house for more presents and a breakfast lunch.  The afternoon was spent taking naps, watching movies, playing with toys and other general mayhem.  We ended the day with a nice dinner and then fell into our beds as soon as we got home. 

DISNEYLAND  (You think I'm joking right?  I'm not, we actually went one more time.)

What with gas prices being so low, James having a few days off in a row and our annual passes being good for the first two days of January, we decided to end the year the way we began it, at Disneyland.  We took it really easy this trip, taking a day and a half to drive out and another day and a half to drive home and only spending two days in the park.  It was crowded, but we didn't stand in very many long lines.  We just hit our favorite rides and had a lot of fun.  I made a super cute ear hat for Lia to wear while we were there and we had tons of people ask where we got it and tell us how cute it was.  I might have to look into marketing them.


Jenni and Justin left on Friday for their move to Nebraska.  Justin took a job with Cabela's and they are headquartered in Sidney, Nebraska.  It's a pretty small town in the middle of nowhere.  I think they had a lot of reservations in taking the job, but in the end they both felt good about going.  I think am going to miss Jenni more than I can even imagine right now.  She's only been gone for two days so I don't think it's hit me yet, but I can't call her up to have lunch, or go to the DI, or babysit, or just to hang out.  I don't know why all my friends seem to think it's a good idea to move out of state.  Anyway, I haven't heard from her yet, but I hope they made the trip safely and will be settled in quickly.   


Yesterday was Jacob's third birthday.  We did a small celebration on Thursday before Jenni and Justin left.  Jenni gave him some super awesome Batman pajamas with a blue cape that were a total hit.  We had cake and ice cream to top off the evening.  Yesterday we let Jacob choose where we had lunch and then went on a shopping trek to Toys R Us to spend the 10.00 that Grandma Jean sent him.  Jacob found a Fisher Price Jungle toy set that is compatible with Batman figures we have.  I have seen it on clearance at a bunch of stores, but we couldn't find it cheap yesterday.  We are going to go out one more time tomorrow to see if we can find one that is less than retail.  We will also be celebrating with my family next Sunday, so there will be a few more pictures coming soon. 

Jacob was so excited to turn three.  He has been telling people that he's three for about 2 months, so it's good that he's actually that age now.  He loves to sing and loves to make believe.  He loves to play with Seth and is happy to be the counterpart in whatever scheme Seth cooks up.  We hope he will start potty training in earnest soon.   He is such a sweetheart and we love him so much.