Newsletter: February 2009 Archives


Valentines Day
Happy Valentines Day everyone!  We celebrated by cleaning our house.  It seems like the house exploded this week.  There were toys everywhere and piles of clothes and it was just outrageous.  James and I cleaned for about three hours while the boys ran around like maniacs.  We made heart shaped pizza for lunch and then went to Walmart so they could spend the dollars they got from Grandma Jean for Valentines.  At Walmart we went crazy in the cereal aisle and decided to have a "romantic" cereal dinner of Frosted Flakes and Crunch Berries.  It was fun.  James and I have never really had the stereotypical romantic Valentines day.  We used to go to Togo's every year, but they closed down here in Utah a few years ago.  Last year we were in Disneyland, and this year we just had a nice day with our family, which is really the best way to celebrate a day dedicated to love anyway!

Jacob's Birthday
We had Jacob's birthday party at the end of January.  He asked for a Robin cake (as in Batman and Robin), so I created a cake based on the Lego Robin figure from the video game the boys have.  Jacob had a fun time opening presents and playing with his cousins.  He also got a package of Thomas stickers in the mail from Grandma Debbie which he proceeded to cover himself with. (We have a rule in our house that stickers have to go on their clothing or on a piece of paper, Jacob chose the first option. :) )  He had so much fun and ran around saying, "Look at all my Thomas stickers!!" 

I can't believe he's three years old already.  He is such a good boy.  He loves to pretend that he is shy when people talk to him.  He has the best little boy voice and loves to sing.  Lately he's been making up music for whatever he happens to be doing.  His life definitely has it's own soundtrack!  And thanks to our "They Might Be Giants ABCs" DVD he can sing the alphabet backward.  How many three year olds can do that?  He loves playing with Seth and Seth loves playing with him. Actually, a few days ago Jacob went to play with a little girl in the Ward and right after he left Seth comes to me and says, "Who am I going to play with now?"  Seth was nearly in tears when he realized that Jacob wasn't going to be around for a few hours.

Seth's Two Cents
I thought it would be fun for Seth to write his own update this time, so here it is straight from him (with a little clarification from Mom):
I Like Batman and I like fighting shows. (That means Transformers and Batman and any show where characters have fights (he's not allowed to watch them on Sundays, so I think it was fresh in his mind tonight.)  And I like Superfriends.  I've been going to school.  I learn about the alphabet and about words.  I'm still learning how to read.  I like to play with my friends.  My friends are Lizzy and Brooklyn and Haley and David.  (notice they are mostly girls... he's kind of a girl magnet.)  I like to do fun stuff.  I like to play on the Wii, the DS and the computer.  I like spending time with my family.  I like Lia and Jacob.  I like to be nice to Lia and I like to play with Jacob.  We play Batman and we like to play Transformers.  I like to eat, my favorite food is grapes.  My favorite toys are Legos and Tranformers and Batman and I like Imaginext.  And that's all!

Lia is Three Month's Old
Our little Lia is getting bigger and bigger by the day.  I have the feeling that if I just sat there and watched her for a while I'd actually be able to see her grow.  At her 2 month doctor appointment she was 22 inches long and was 11 lbs 9 oz.  She is right in the fiftieth percentile on the growth charts.  She had three immunization shots given to her and one oral dose that is the vaccine for Rotovirus.  Something did not sit very well with her and she was super cranky for nearly 5 days after the immunizations.  I think it was the Rotovirus one, because her stomach was just roiling and bubbling the whole time she was upset.   She is definitely more high maintenence than my boys were, but that just means she needs to be held and rocked a little more than they did.  She really is a good baby.  She slept through the night again last night and is sleeping at least 6-8 hour stretches at night time, they just don't always jive with the 6-8 hours I get.  I took her to my mom's house this last week and apparently she giggled for my mom.  I missed it though.  There are times that you can tell she would be giggling if she could, like when we play patty cake or when I pump her legs really fast.  She'll put on a big grin and scrunch up her whole body just out of pure joy.  I love little babies!! 

New Sewing Machine 
I posted about my new sewing machine in my personal blog.  So if you want to read a little more about it click on the link.  I've had fun playing with it this week.  I've appliqued a cute shirt for Lia, hemmed Jana's temple dress, repaired and hemmed two pairs of pants for James, and played around with the embroidery features a little.  The machine has so many whistles and bells that it will probably take me forever to make use of all of them.  It sews really smoothly and I love that I can sew without the foot pedal, because then the boys aren't messing with it on the ground.  James and I are planning on using some of our tax return to fix up the laundry/craft room and I can't wait to have a place to put my sewing stuff without having it taking up the entire kitchen table and without having to put everything away every night.  I'm sure there will be pictures as the laundry room project moves forward.