Newsletter: March 2011 Archives


Since it's been 5 months since our last post, James says we ought to just cut our losses and start the blog again from today.  So that's what I'm doing.  Please check out our photos page to see what we've been up to for the 5 months.  Of note were Lia's 2nd birthday in November (check out the cake), Christmas, Jacob's 5th birthday in January and our family trip in February to Southern California to celebrate the year of our 10th anniversary. (Although I don't think the trip pictures are up yet.)

Right now our house is piled with boxes.  That's right!  We are moving.  After 10 great years in this house, we decided it was time for a change (and time for a garage).  We put the house on the market at the beginning of January and received the offer on it in late February.  Our closing date is on the 29th, so we are packing like mad people.  We don't know where we'll be moving to for sure.  We are looking at houses all over, but have only found one that we like well enough to put an offer on and the people who are selling it were being wishy-washy, and once we put the offer in they decided to take the house off the market. :(  Our other option is to build a new house, we have started that process, but it is more cost effective to buy a house that is already built and has landscaping, window coverings and what not.  Needless to say we are going to be homeless for a little while.  We are planning to stay at my parent's house for a bit and then if the homelessness continues we might move to James' parent's so that we aren't a burden to any one for too long. 

James and I are not used to having our lives in so much turmoil.  We usually like to have everything as neat and planned out as possible.  Not having a firm plan of where we are going next is really eating at us.  Hopefully something will pop up soon that will provide the right mix of house, neighborhood, yard, garages and all the other things we are looking for in our next place. 

We'll keep you posted as things move forward with whatever we end up doing.