James Nephi Lance

A well rounded Senior Software Developer experienced in Top-Down and Object-Oriented Design with experience in the Product Development Life Cycle.  Knows how to develop a product from the prototyping stage through design, testing and maintenance.  Is very familiar with refactoring and maintenance of older and inherited code bases.


  • Possess expertise in Object-Oriented Design and Perl Development
  • Expert knowledge of Perl with an emphasis in LAMP Web Development
  • Strong supporter of MVC development using various web frameworks such as CGI::Ex, Mason and Django
  • Comfortable in Linux Server environments (esspecially Debian based)


Perl, Python, JavaScript, XML, HTML, CSS
CGI::Ex, Catalyst, Django, Mason, Mootools, jQuery
Object-Oriented Design, Unit Testing, Systems Management, Networking, Documentation
Vim, Apache, PostgreSQL, MySQL
Linux emphasis in Debian/Ubuntu and Red Hat, UNIX, Mac OS X


Bachelors of Science in Information Technology
University of Phoenix
12/2000 to 3/2003


Principle Software Developer
CommerceInterface, Inc , Salt Lake City, UT
07/2008 to 04/2010
Sole developer, architect, maintainer for CommerceInterface. I created an application that helped small companies, warehouses or manufacturers sell their product to various online retailers. Our biggest and primary retail outlet was through Overstock.com. The application started with product creation (content management), then allowed the user to specify what retailer to sell that product through. Once product was selling in a given retail outlet, the application allowed for inventory management, order management, report and as well as various other utilities needed for managing the product. Additionally the application allowed for internal employees to act as account managers for each customer. Various tools were created for internal use.
Accomplishments Include:
  • Database design using PostgreSQL (schema, triggers, stored procedures).
  • Rapid application development using Python and Django.
  • Designed various reports and alerts based on inventory levels, orders, billing etc.
  • Systems administration for all servers hosting the application.

Senior Software Developer
Bloosky.com , Provo, UT
02/2008 to 07/2008
Senior software developer for Bloosky.com. I developed, maintained, and provided support for software products relating to online advertising. Particularly I worked on a project that helped track, deliver and gather statistics on email advertising for various customers.
Accomplishments Include:
  • Developed a bug tracking and help desk product that was integrated into our advertising platform.
  • Provided maintenance and updates for advertising platform.
  • Systems administration for various servers relating to our online presence.

Senior Software Developer
United Online / MWS Division, Orem, UT
06/2005 to 02/2008
Senior software developer for NamesDatabase.com, and FreeServers.com products.  MWS is the web services division of United Online, a $500 Million leading provider of consumer Internet and media services.  I performed Product Development, Maintenance, Migration and Refactoring services for namesdatabase.com and freeservers.com.
Accomplishments Include:
  • Instrumental in migrating and incorporating the purchase of NamesDatabase.com into the MWS infrastructure.
  • Maintenance and upgrade for Freeservers Webmail offering.
  • Created a Partner Affiliate sign up process for co-branding and sales of Freeservers services.
  • Designed and maintains email sending systems for Viral Growth marketing of NamesDatabase.com

Principle Software Developer
Northsky Inc., Spanish Fork, UT
09/2004 to 06/2005
Developed and Maintained a custom Search and Web Portal property called www.fatpickle.com.  FatPickle.com allows the user to customize their search experience through customizable themes, search history, search "bookmarks", and other tools for ordering search results.  I developed a completely CSS driven theme tool.  By altering CSS only files the user has almost complete control of their graphic search interface and home page.
Accomplishments Include:
  • Developed web applications in the CGI::Ex framework.
  • Performed Server Administration and Maintenance on Mandrake, and Debian based Linux boxes.
  • Implemented various Search API gateways such as Google, Yahoo, LookSmart,  AskJeeves, ValidClick, and GenieKnows.


Education Success Institute (ESI), Provo, UT

10/2003 to 09/2004

As a programmer for ESI I was responsible for tracking affiliate partnerships for lead generation.  I tracked various affiliate payments, as well as reports and monitoring on affiliate performance.  ESI also sold various products through the lead generation programs.  I was instrumental in developing a shopping cart and sign up system for the ESI web presence

Accomplishments include:

  • Developed web applications in Perl for lead tracking and sales management.
  • All sales and affiliate tracking programs were written using the Mason framework.
  • Managed Red Hat web, database and email servers.
  • Debugged and solved any problems that arose in the applications

Web Developer

Netmark Pro, Alaska (Telecommuter)
03/2002 to 07/2003

Netmark Pro provides a framework of tools that eases small business owners of the headaches commonly associated with network marketing.  Some of the tools are affiliate and lead tracking, calendaring, address books, and mail list management.  I was primarily involved in bug tracking and testing functionality in existing programs.  I built several new tools for the system, one of which was a calendar and appointment tracker.  The calendar could tie into user records, the email system and provided alerts based on up coming events.

Accomplishments include:
  • Wrote new applications in Perl.
  • Wrote a calendar and appointment tracking application.
  • Resolved bugs with CGI scripts as the were submitted to the bug tracking system.
  • Tested existing scripts.

On-Site Technician
Alpine School District (ASD), Lindon, UT
7/2001 to 10/200
The Alpine School District covers northern Utah County from Alpine to Orem.  I was assigned to Lone Peak High School.  My basic duties were to provide technical assistance for the school computers and computer labs.  While I was there I created a web based inventory system to assist in yearly inventory and tracking duties.  I tied this inventory to a dynamic DHCP server that could track computer usage and assign IPs to computers that had been properly inventoried.
Accomplishments include:
  • Managed the schools servers.  Including the Novell 5.1 server and Linux web/database server.
  • Spearheaded the school-wide switch from static IP addressing to DHCP.
  • Provided troubleshooting and computer repair for approx. 500 Windows 98 computers.
  • Managed user accounts and file access to the Novell Server.
  • Managed school network and web site.

System Administrator
Modus Media International, Lindon, UT
4/2000 to 5/2001
Modus Media is a warehousing, fulfillment and shipping service provider.  As a System Administrator I helped maintain and install new servers in their data center.  I was also the backup and disaster recovery coordinator.
Accomplishments include:
  • Maintained the computer systems that were vital to the productivity of the company.
  • Managed the File, Print and FTP servers.
  • Redesigned the existing backup scheme and maintained it.
  • Rotated tape backups to a secure off-site location for disaster recovery.
  • Implemented Secure Shell (SSH) for FTP users on a Windows NT Server.
  • Rebuilt the Print Server to a Windows 2000 platform, and increased the up-time of that server from 50% to 99%
  • Built relationships with several vendors to keep ahead of our data center computing needs.  Some of the vendors are: Advanced Data Systems, Arrow / Wyle, Compaq and StorageTek.