Seth is officially a school boy now!  He started on the 2nd of September.  Seth had a big plan to have mom and dad walk him to school while he rode his bike for his first day of school, but we had a slight snag because of some miscommunication in the time.  James was late and we had to pile into his car instead of riding bikes.  Seth was a little distraught and accused James of ruining his first day of school...  Luckily, school was really fun and by the time we came to pick him up he had mostly forgotten about the whole affair.  He seems to really like school.  I'm not sure what they are actually learning right now, because Seth "forgets" everything when he leaves the building.  I might have to go in and observe the class or something so I can get a better idea of what they are doing.   He loves going and having something new to do every day.


Jacob has been enjoying having Mom all to himself for the few hours that Seth is at school.  He likes to have me read to him and play make-believe with him.  His favorite things to play right now are Peter Pan, Transformers and Knights-in-shining-armor.  He and Seth are starting to play so well together.  They entertain each other and love to be together most of the time.  Jacob is also getting a really great sense of humor.  He loves to tease and be coy, one of his new favorite phrases is "I'm just kidding".  I love listening to him talk because he has the cutest little voice. 

Sorry that this is such a short letter, but not much has been going on this month.  I started writing my own personal blog for those of you who want to read my random ramblings.  The site is www.thelances.net/miekka.  It's not much, but I've enjoyed reading some of my friend's blogs and maybe someone will be interested in mine.   

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