07/28/2003 Newsletter


This is going to be a quick announcement today. I will probably just keep a log type of entry for the next few days, so check back here to see the latest pictures and information.

Today was definately a full day. We went to the hospital this morning at 7:30 for a proceedure to try and turn the baby around (he was sitting breech and the doctor wasn't going to allow Miekka to deliver that way). The doctors tugged on Miekka's belly for a few minutes and decided that the baby wasn't budging. The check Seths heart rate and it was really low. The next few minutes were a little tense with nurses flying every which way in and out of our room. Seths heart rate climbed back up into a normal level, but the doctor decided that he wasn't going to let us go home with out the baby. At 10:11 AM on july 28 2003 Seth was born. He was 6 pounds 9 ounces, and was 18 and half inches long.

Both the baby and mother are doing well. We will be at the hospital until at least Thursday.

In addition to the pictures I have a few video clips: clip 1 clip 2 clip 3 clip 4


There isn't alot to add at this point in time. I think all of us had a fairly sleepless night. Seth hasn't quite got the hang of nursing yet; he tends to either fall asleep while nursing or get really angry. Miekka is starting to feel the effects of the C-section and is both tired and hurting... yay for pain killers! I don't have any new visual offerings at this point. I may come home again for a bit this evening, otherwise I will load any new pictures and video tomorrow.


I think the biggest news at this point is that Miekka is shuffling around now. She gets up and we walk a lap around the nursery every few hours. She is fairly stiff and in pain... we try to time the walks during the peak of the pain killers effectiveness. Little Seth is getting better at feeding, but still manages to fall asleep after a few tries, so we spend the bulk of our time waking up Seth and trying to get him to eat. Unless something happens Miekka and Seth will be discharged from the hospital Thursday morning.

At the home front things are shaping up in the baby's room. I came home around noon to find Grandma Henderson and Grandma Lance busy cleaning the house and painting and stenciling in the baby's room. We are very grateful for all the help and support that we have recieved!

There are a few more pictures to view today. You can see them here.


Things are starting to settle into a workable pattern. Seth eats every two hours or so and we have arranged everything around that. Miekka is starting to feel alot better. She has been getting out of bed more and more. She is getting stir crazy, but there isn't much help for that right now.

We want to thank everyone again for all the help / food / cleaning etc that has been done for us for the last week.

There are more pictures up. You can see them here

We hope everyone is doing well and love you all!

Love, Miekka and James



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