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06/16/2002 Newsletter

James and Miekka infront of the Temple of Hatshepsut

Thank you for visiting our web site! This web site will serve several purposes in its life time. First it will be a central location to find information on the James and Miekka Lance family.

As time goes on, this site will expand to include extended family who wish to be affiliated with thelances.net


Right now we are in the middle of getting our house cleaned up! We worked on little stuff inside during the winter. Now we are making runs to the dump, trying to get rid of alot of the stuff that has built up over the years.

We have been talking to the bank, the next step that we need to take is to hire an appraiser. That is going to cost us about $300... I am begining to understand how big of a money pit a house can be.

Miekka is not doing anything... or at least doesn't want to admit to anything.

James has taken on several side jobs. One of the jobs is for a company called TRA - Tile Roof Accessories. Mainly I do tech support type stuff. I just finished installing a job tracking system. This will help them keep track of bids that they make, contacts, etc. The next big project will be to redo their webpage. It has been several years since it has been updated.

The second job that I am working for is with a company called Netmarkpro. Netmarkpro has written a set of tools that people can use to help manage personal network marketing businesses with. I am involved in bug tracking and development of new services. The tools are developed using perl, databases, and html.

This site will be under continuous construction for a while. If you come across any links that don't work send an email to webmaster@thelances.net . Enjoy!

James and Miekka Lance