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12/09/2003 Newsletter



The Holidays are upon us and we are reveling in the spirit of them. We enjoyed two separate Thanksgiving dinners during Thanksgiving weekend. Thanksgiving day was spent at my parent's house. We had tons of good food and an over-abundance of desserts (two cheesecakes, two pies, evil brownies and 2 dozen cream puffs, all for only 16 people). Needless to say we stuffed ourselves silly. I woke early (3:30 am) the next day for the traditional after Thanksgiving shopping with my mom and her sisters. I ended up only going to one store since they had everything I needed and I wanted to get home in time to feed Seth when he woke up.

On Saturday I started getting out the Christmas decorations and asked James if he would fix some of the holes and cracks that marred our living room walls. Well, one thing led to another and we found ourselves in the midst of totally revamping our living room. The Christmas decorations didn't get put up for a week and a half while we moved furniture, patched drywall, painted and put up molding. We are very happy with how it all turned out. Our living room looks so great! Check out the before and after pictures that we have here on the website.

Sunday we went up to Logan to visit Grandma and Grandpa Baerwaldt. Grandma went all out and cooked us a full-blown Thanksgiving dinner. Seth was the darling of the day, he charmed Grandma and Grandpa with his big grins and cooing. It was fun to chat with everyone and enjoy Grandma's feast.

I forgot to mention that Jenni became engaged since the last time I wrote. I am sorry to say that her announcement was met with some doubt and surprise from almost all her family members. No one had any idea that she was getting that serious with a guy she'd only known 4 weeks. Jeremy Parker is her fianc馥. We have met him several times now and we are getting to know him a little better every time. He and Jenni seem very happy and we are glad that they have both found someone they want to be with for eternity.

On the 5th and 6th of December we celebrated the Dutch Christmas called Sinter Klaas. It was really fun to do it with Seth this year. Last year I found out that I was pregnant with Seth on Sinter Klaas Eve and gave the announcement to James as a present. This year it was fun to put out Seth's tiny shoe next to our big ones. It's amazing how much can change in just a years time. Sinter Klaas brought Seth some simple board books for mom and dad to read to him. James got some raspberry chipotle sauce that he fell in love with when he tasted it at an exotic food store. John got an assortment of fine hot sauces to begin his ultimate hot sauce collection. I got a foot spa to massage my tired feet and we all received some Henry Weinhard's Root Beer and Orange Cream Soda. It was a good morning.

Later that day Seth and I went to my Aunt Johanna's house to decorate Christmas cookies and gingerbread houses for our monthly "Girl's Day" with my sisters and aunts. Just before we started to frost the cookies, my cousin-in-law Angie got a call on her cell phone saying that my cousin Kenny had been in an accident on his motorcycle. Johanna, Richard and Angie all rushed off to the Tooele hospital to see how badly he was hurt. Those of us who stayed behind said a prayer to ask Heavenly Father to be with Kenny and his family. Then we went ahead and started frosting cookies. About two hours later we got a call from Johanna telling us that Kenny was ok, but that he had torn something in his shoulder and had a concussion. She also told us that he couldn't remember anything that had happened in the last three weeks. We were all very grateful that his injuries were not as bad as they could have been. Hopefully his recovery will be swift and not too painful.

That night we went to my parent's house to celebrate Sinter Klaas with the whole family. We had a light dinner and then Sinter Klaas brought us all some small gifts. The best gift that James and I received were a new pair of garments, our old ones are quite dingy and it's time to invest in some new ones. Hopefully, we can take advantage of the 50% off sale that is going on for them right now. Seth got a bib that says "My First Christmas" on it. That should come in handy since he will be able to start eating solid foods in the next few weeks.

Now for Seth's update. He has discovered his hands and has become "Mister Grabby". He loves to pull his pacifier out of his mouth and has even managed to get it back in a few times all by himself. He also loves it when his Daddy comes home from work and is always extra smiley and giggly for James. He has completely grown out of all of his 0-3 month clothes and fits very nicely in his 3-6 month stuff. Today I bought him his first pair of "real" shoes. They are so cute on him and will be adorable with his little giraffe Sunday outfit. I'll have to take a picture of him next Sunday and post it so you can all see him in it. He has his four-month doctor appointment this coming week and I will have his official weight and measurements next time I write.

We hope that you are all having a wonderful Holiday Season. We think about you and pray for you often. Merry Christmas!

Love, Miekka, James and Seth